Sunday, October 30, 2022

Opening Day

Yesterday (Saturday) was the opening day for ski season for me with a warm up lap up Collins Gulch at Alta to shake off the rust and see what needs to be fixed or replaced.  

There were a few people that had the same idea as me.  

And plenty of entertainment to be had.  Look carefully and you can see the 22-degree halo.  

One change on the Mt. Baldy skyline is the addition of Wyssen Tower Avalanche Control Systems.  

I find their presence on Mt. Baldy unsightly, but understand why Alta is moving to them as they attempt to reduce and sunset the use of the 105 mm Howitzer, which has enormous risks.  

If you haven't seen these towers in action, here's a video.

I'm not sure if these are UDOT's, Alta's, or some combination of both, but the deployment boxes for the Wyssen Towers and O'bellx pods were sitting in the Wildcat lot just ready to be loaded and then flown in by helicopter.  

A lot happens so you can go skiing on a powder day.  

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