Friday, April 1, 2022

Cardiff Resorts to Open in 2023/24

A new ski resort is being planned for the central Wasatch and scheduled to open in 2023/24. 

It will be unlike any other ski area in Utah.

Taking a page from club skifields in New Zealand, the resort will consist of two surface tows that will extend up an area of private land that exists in upper Cardiff Fork, beginning at about 9000 feet elevation and going to approximately 10,000 feet to a ski run known today as Power Outage on the north side of the ridgeline between Cardiff Peak and Mount Superior.  

Accessing the lifts will require skinning or hiking, which is the case at some club fields in New Zealand.  For example, accessing the Temple Basin skifield in Arthur's Pass requires a 45 minute walk to get to 3 rope tows.  To access Cardiff Resorts, one will either need to do the long schlep up Cardiff Fork or access from Alta via Cardiff Bowl and Pass.  There is some talk of providing snowmobile tows up Cardiff Fork for an additional charge.  

The resort will, however, only be open one day a year.

April Fools Day.  


  1. Not funny! We already have to deal with the land owners high marking everything. Haha

  2. Cardiff Resort would be a great stop for the gondola.

  3. Here is another one for you: