Wednesday, February 24, 2016


With the weather fairly benign over Utah this week, now is a good time to make a few announcements concerning items that may be of interest to readers.

1. The National Weather Service will be hosting the Internountain West Aviation Weather Safety Workshop at Westminster College from May 6-7.  This looks like a good meeting for pilots.  More info below and at

2. The Utah Avalanche Center has launched a new initiative centered on backcountry ethics.  This is a critical issue for safety in the backcountry and above highways (e.g., SR-210 in Little Cottonwood Canyon).  Catch the video and coverage at TGR.

3. After a few weeks of scarcity, the 2nd printing of my book Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth has hit the shelves and is now available from Amazon and other retailers.   If you don't have a copy already, buy it now to tide you over through the dog days of summer.

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  1. To anyone contemplating buying the book, it is an awesome read, really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I downloaded it from Amazon to my ipad and it only took a minute.