Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Snow Is Going Fast

Although we had a stay of execution for most of May, the snow is going fast now that the heat is on.  Snow melt at the Snowbird SNOTEL went into overdrive in late May with the snowpack water equivalent dropping from 9.5 inches on May 27th to 0.3" yesterday, a mean melt rate of about 1.5" a day.  0.3" rounds to 0, so I'm officially calling an end the snow-cover season at this site.
Source: CBRFC.  
The snow depth at Alta Collins has similarly been plummeting and is now down to 52 inches.
Source:  MesoWest
The Alta Lodge web cam shows patch cover at the base of Alta.  If you want a top-to-bottom run, you'd better get on it ASAP.

Source: Alta Lodge
The end is near.  Much work will be needed to earn turns after this week.

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