Saturday, June 20, 2015

Green Is Good

While up in the hills the past couple of weeks, I've been blow away by how green and lush it is.  I did short hike in Albion Basin this morning and it's really lush up there.  Here are a few photos.

Mt. Superior is nearly snow free.  In a big year, you can ski it in mid June.
Green Greeley.  Late summer turns in gunsight will be very difficult this year.
Devil's Castle looms white over green meadows.
Looking down the remarkably green slopes of Albion Basin.  Not many wildflowers yet, but there are a few blue ones out there.
And now for something completely different, pink (a.k.a. watermelon) snow.  The color is caused by a snow algea, chlamydomonas nivalis.  

With the Albion Basin road closed, it's far less crowded up there than it is in July and August and well worth a trip. 

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