Thursday, June 11, 2015

Salt Lake Skunkage

Much of Utah saw shower and thunderstorm activity yesterday, but the Salt Lake Valley was largely skunked except for a brief shower that affected the west valley during the late afternoon.  Rainfall totals yesterday included 1.44" at Joe's Valley Reservoir and 1.26" at Bryce Canyon airport.  Some strong winds were found near storms, including a gust of 70 mph on Flattop Mountain in the northern San Rafael Swell area and 69 mph at Laketown near Bear Lake.

The HRRR forecast through 8 PM tonight shows a very active day in central, southern, and northeast Utah, but less activity over northwest Utah.  The Salt Lake Valley is on the fringes of activity.  We'll have to hope we get something so I can keep my sprinkler-free spring going.

The NWS has a flash flood watch out for southern Utah through this evening.
Source: NWS
Warnings were issued last night for a number of drainages and slot canyons, including Spooky and Peakaboo, two of my favorites.  If the remains of the cow that got lodged in the latter during winter haven't already been removed, hopefully Mother Nature did the job last night.


  1. Amen to keeping that sprinkler free spring going. Not sure how much longer I can hold out....

  2. Ditto...holding out as long as possible on the sprinklers....