Monday, December 26, 2011

Jet Stream to Tease Us

We're finally seeing a shift in the pattern, with a breakdown of split flow and a strong jet stream set to rake the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies over the next few days.  Unfortunately for us, the jet remains to our north and we are mainly teased by a series of storms in the latest GFS forecast.

Our best shot at something is Thursday night based on this forecast loop.  We'll take what we can get, but we're going to have to hope that jet stream ends up a a bit further to the south if we are to get into a decent storm cycle for the Cottonwoods this week.

Perhaps the northern Wasatch and Bear River Range will fare better, and the Tetons and environs will get a hammering.  Road trip?  Perhaps, but avalanche conditions are likely to be dicey.  Even up there, this will be a series of windy warm storms with snow falling onto a thin, weak snowpack.  Backcountry travelers be careful.

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