Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Post-Christmas Stocking Stuffer

You wanted precipitation.  You've been begging for it.  Well, we got some this morning.  Some wet snow in the high elevations, rain in the mountain valleys.  Here at the Wasatch Weather Weenies, we try and refrain from product endorsements, but avoid clammy butt cheeks and get yourself a beavertail!  It's a great investment in a warming climate and a perfect gift for that special someone who you overlooked this Christmas.

Yup, can there be anything more attractive than a beavertail, and it could come in handy this morning.  Temperatures are in the low-to-mid 30's at the bases of Alta and Snowbird (even warmer at the base of Park City). 

We'll only see some periods of precipitation today, with perhaps an inch or two of snow falling on top of the 2 inches that was recorded at Alta-Collins by 9 am.  Temperatures and snow levels will drop somewhat to perhaps 7000 feet by late this afternoon, but get the beavertail anyway as it works well even in wet snow and is a great fashion statement...

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