Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Some Climate Stats

October is in the bag.  I would describe it as fairly meh with nothing too extreme.  

At the Salt Lake City International Airport the average temperature was 55.9˚F.  This was warm, but not exceptionally so, rating as the 24th warmest October since 1874.  


The airport recorded 1.97" of precipitation.  A bit wet, but not exceptionally so, rating as the 36th wettest October since 1874. 

Up at Alta, the cooperative site in town recorded 4.01" of water and 14.9" of snow.  The records for that site are fairly spotty so good long-term comparisons are difficult.  The ski area, which measures higher on the mountain, reported 22", compared to an average since 1980 of 26.6".  

Essentially it was a Goldilocks October weather wise in northern Utah.  

Utah has not had a statewide average annual temperature below the 20th century average since 1993.  Numbers through October are not yet available, but through September, we were just barely above the 20th century mean of 51.0˚F with an average temperature of 51.1˚F.  

I suspect October will push us just a bit higher above the 20th century average.  Whether or not we can have year below average will depend on what happens from here.  Other years since 1993 have been close (2008 and 2011), but have ultimately come in above the 20th century average.  

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