Sunday, November 5, 2023

Bike for Sale

If anybody is looking for a cheap bike, I'm selling my 2008 Cannondale Rush 26er for $200.  Full suspension (100 mm travel) carbon fiber frame (medium).  Lefty shock (the one item that has relatively low mileage as it is the 3rd one I had on this bike.  Tubeless.

Teeth on the rear cassette and front chainrings are worn down to nubbins.  

It was once a great bike, but has been lapped by new geometry.  Would work if you are looking for a Lefty shock, commuter bike, or maybe to get your kid into riding at low cost. I've been riding a different bike for a couple of years and need to get this one out of the garage.  

If interested, e-mail me at jim.steenburgh at gmail dot com.  


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    1. What part of “and beyond” and “should be” don’t you get?

    2. this is a post for ksl classifieds/bikes/beyond

  2. If you ride a bike instead of driving you are part of the climate solution. That’s why Jim’s post is relevant to his entire blog.

  3. No worries everyone. I've done 3,600+ posts since 2010 and if a few don't meet the theme of the blog, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.