Saturday, November 4, 2023

Collins Glacier Ski Report

I got out for a few turns of the year today on the "Collins Glacier."  Like most glaciers around the world, it's not in good shape right now.  Oddly, the coverage and skiing are probably best on the lower half where humans have decided to help.  

The snow there is firm but generally carveable, at least in the early afternoon when there's been some sun on it.  

The man-made coverage continues to lower Mambo.

There is, however, a gap in coverage just above the angle station that seemed to be growing in size in today's sun.  

It gets grim in places with sun exposure.  

Coverage improves again in Ballroom and environs, although the snow conditions there were challenging, especially for the first turns of the year.  There are also some Great White Sharks looming in places, just waiting to take a bite out of your skis.  

We need snow.  Next shot is on Tuesday, although there's a great deal of spread in how productive that storm might be.  

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  1. Forget the Collins Glacier, let’s hear an update about the Timp Glacier! How did it fare this year with all the extra snow? I’m guessing disappointingly low but I am curious.