Thursday, November 4, 2021

U to You Lecture

For those who didn't catch my talk Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth for the "U to You" lecture series, check out the recording of the live stream below.  

It's hard to give a talk online!  There's no audience feedback so you don't hear laughter (or lack thereof) or see quizzical looks on their faces to tell you to better adapt the material.  One comment on the YouTube site that says "pure blasphemy!" so I must have done something right.  

The lecture is based on my book of the same title.  If you are in the Salt Lake City area, King's English has copies available at last check ( or you could call Weller Book Works to see if they have a copy.   In Park City, Dolly's Bookstore sometimes has copies.  If not, there's Amazon (  


  1. Loved the book when I read it 6 years ago, and enjoyed your talk just as much. Thank you for sharing it!