Wednesday, July 22, 2020


It was great to go for a hike early this morning and see some showers in the area.

I even got sprinkled on, which was greatly appreciated.

If you are keeping score at home, we have had no measurable precipitation at the Salt Lake City airport so far in July.  Our last measurable precipitation was on June 30, so we've now gone 21 days without rain.  That's not unusual or exceptional (Salt Lake has gone 50 or more consecutive days without rain 11 times), but still I miss it.

Showers and thunderstorms will be possible today across much of Utah and are also possible through and the first part of the overnight hours in northern Utah.  The HRRR forecast valid at 3 PM MDT is below.  Don't take it literally for location and intensity as convection is too chaotic for a single model run to predict precisely, but hopefully we will see some action, although I can't guarantee it at your residence. 

Late tonight and tomorrow, the Salt Lake Valley may, unfortunately, be "dry slotted."  The dry slot is an area of dry air that sometimes wraps around an upper-level trough.  You can see it in the lower left NAM forecast panel below (valid at 6 PM MDT tomorrow) as an area of orange-yellow shading indicative of low relative humidity in the lower and middle atmosphere. 

Thus, the forecast for tomorrow is for isolated thunderstorms in our area. 

Bottom line: Safely enjoy anything we get today. 


  1. I'm worried the large amount of cloud cover this morning is going to significantly limit instability over northern Utah this afternoon. Hoping we can get some clearing in the next few hours.

  2. Some of the models are showing the potential for 700mb temperatures to exceed 20C at Salt Lake near the end of this week, which looks like it could translate to multiple days of triple digit heat for the Wasatch Front (and probably some very warm nights in the 70s, too). I'm curious if the NWS will issue any excessive heat warnings or advisories for northern Utah, since this looks to be an outlier event beyond our usual summer heat.

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