Monday, September 5, 2016

Hints of Fall

I don't want to overstate it as yesterday's high temperature was only 5ºF below average for the day, but it's nice to feel a hint of fall in the air.  Yesterday and last night were cool enough that we actually had to partially close the windows to keep the house from getting too cold.  That's such a nice change from the nuclear summer we've been experiencing.

In the mood for further chilling, I decided to do a quick hike up Snowbird yesterday afternoon.  When time is limited, I've always found that to be a great workout with the added advantage of limiting wear and tear on my increasingly creaky knees.

I had completely forgotten about Oktoberfest, so, in addition to the cooler air giving me a taste for the coming winter, I also got a full-blown taste of Little Cottonwood gridlock.

Red Snake in September!
The growth of Oktoberfest the past few years is quite astounding.  In fact, I don't know if I've ever seen more cars parked at Snowbird than I did yesterday, even in the winter.

Full House
How about a full tram, on the way down.  

Further evidence of the need for improved full-season (or at least two-season) mass transit in the canyons.  Alternatively, a number of carpool apps are now available.  Perhaps one will go viral for the Cottonwoods this winter.  


  1. I haven't been to Octoberfest at Snowbird in several years. Crazy that it was so crowded given that they don't even serve any California IPAs. :)

  2. Octoberfest is such a scam. Kids day, somehow billed as a beer festival. IPAs? They don't even have beer that's not 3.2...

  3. Last time (and the only time) I went to Snowbird Oktoberfest they served Costco brats and Costco sauerkraut, all for 9 bucks. Nope.

  4. I just take my kids to Albion now and we start hiking, I mean are we going to the mountains or Lagoon? Snowbird, meh. I'd rather buy the kids good hiking shoes or packs than go on rides for what $200 for a family.