Sunday, June 5, 2016

Western "Death Ridge" in Full Force

It's early June, but we're baking pretty good across the entire western U.S. this weekend.  High temperatures yesterday eclipsed 100ºF degrees in many areas.  Even the Pacific Northwest coast provided little reprieve as the high reached 90ºF in Quillayute, breaking the old record maximum temperature for the day of 88ºF.

Source: Penn State E-wall
We're not at record levels here in Salt Lake (the record high both yesterday and today is 98ºF) as we only hit 91ºF and look to be on track for 93ºF or 94ºF today.  Still, we haven't seen temperatures like this since last summer.

I was curious where temperatures for the year so far stand and it looks like at the Salt Lake International Airport we're somewhere around the 8th warmest on record.

Source: NOAA Regional Climate Centers

A colleague contacted me last week with some concerns that the airport sensor is running a bit high.  Perhaps one of you intrepid data analysts can take a closer look.

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