Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Break Outlook

Fall Break for the University of Utah students is almost here.  The annual pilgrimage to southern Utah and the Colorado Plateau begins for some today and continues the next few days.  There is an embarrassment of riches to choose from.  Perhaps you have a permit visit the wave or are just planning a trip to one of the National Parks.  Ah, what a great trip it could be, if our inept Congress could just get their act together and pass a budget or continuing resolution.  

Should that happen, or you are targeting other great destinations that remain open for "business" (e.g., the San Rafeal Swell), here's a quick-and-dirty outlook.  The main fly in the ointment is a trough that pushes into southern and central Utah late Sunday and affects the weather through Monday.  Right now, precipitation extends down to about Cedar City and Moab, but keep an eye on the forecast in case this changes.  Be prepared for changeable conditions for Sunday to Monday.

Source: NWS
Beyond that, the outlook suggests ridging with mainly dry weather - very nice for Fall Break.  Let's hope this long-range forecast holds.

Source: NWS

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  1. It seems the state and federal gov't have come to some sort of arrangement where Utah will pay the federal gov't to run the parks for up to 10 days.