Friday, November 30, 2012

Wet and Sloppy

Before talking about the the potential for snow the next few days, I'd like to remind everyone that this blog isn't a forecast service and many days we don't discuss the forecast.  Thus, if you need a forecast for the Wasatch, you can always check out, run by some really talented students here at the U.

Now that's out of the way, let's talk briefly about the next few days.  Everyone is salivating for powder, but we're not going to be seeing any.  We have two quick hitting storms moving through.  The first is tonight:

And the second is Sunday night:

The storms are going to be wet and sloppy.  In the Cottonwoods, snow levels in each storm will start out in each storm near 8000 ft.  Temperatures and snow levels fall during each storm, but only marginally.  Accumulations below 8000 ft are likely to be minimal.  Above that level, the snow is going to be a high density variety.  Given the quick hitting nature of each storm, I suspect 2-4" is likely in each storm, 3-6" if we're lucky.  Your best bet is to ski as high as possible.  I'm referring to elevation here.  The Wasatch Weather Weanies do not condone skiing under the influence!

Another storm is possible later next week.  Right now, that also looks like a quick hitter, but we'll see how it looks in a few days.

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