Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where to Go for Snow

The Ogden-area mountains remain the big winners from this latest storm cycle.  Snow depth at the Ben Lomond SNOTEL (8000 ft) peaked at 15 inches this morning.

The storm-total snow-water equivalent was about 2.2 inches.

As of yesterday afternoon @ 2 pm, Snowbasin reported 12 inches at their Middle Bowl observing site.  Accumulations might be greater at higher altitudes where the precipitation likely changed to snow earlier in the storm.

If it can be trusted, the Monte Cristo SNOTEL reports a snow depth of 30 inches!  Perhaps it higher altitude (almost 9000 ft) enabled some of the precipitation early in the storm to fall as snow.  Storm-total SWE was 2.9 inches.

Wondering where Monte Christo is?  It's along UT-39 between Huntsville and Woodruff.

UT-39 usually closed during the winter, but UDOT presently lists it as open until Nov 3.  There's not much good ski terrain up there, and you have to go down from the SNOTEL to altitudes that likely received less snow, but hmmm.....

Thus far accumulations are limited in the central Wasatch, although it is refreshing to occasionally spy white mountains through the clouds.


  1. Powder Mountain is reporting a 48-hour total of 30" as well, which isn't too far from Monte Cristo.

    1. Thanks Adam. Rumor has it that we have a person en route for a first-hand report.