Monday, March 26, 2012

The Rainy Season Begins

On average, April is the wettest month of the year at the Salt Lake City International Airport and, although it is only March 26, it sure feels like the beginning of the "rainy season" today.  It's dark out, windy, and the rain is pelting the windows of my office, which face south.   I also think I saw a flash of lightning produced by the cells that were located in the eastern Salt Lake Valley earlier this morning.

Temperatures dropped like a rock at the University of Utah this morning.  After holding near 56ºF for much of the night, we're now at 37ºF.

There was a 51 mph wind gust at 8:15 too.

Yup, the rainy season is officially here.  Enjoy.


  1. Multiple thunder and lightening in upper LIttle Cottonwood this early AM, blowing snow all the way down to bottom of canyon. Commute down to U was trecherous.

    1. Ah, but your dedication to study/work is duly noted.