Saturday, November 5, 2011

Event Winding Down

The lake-effect is beginning to "detatch" from the lake and weaken in intensity and coverage.

Below is some eyecandy from the DOW showing a vertical RHI scan through the lake band and embedded convective cores earlier in the event.

Great job by everyone on this one.  University of Utah Atmospheric Sciences students are the first to collect the data, the first to analyze and publish the data, and the first to ski deep powder in the Wasatch after an all nighter.  I'm not sure if the powder skiing is all that practical given our meager snowpack at present, but I'm sure they will make up for it in a few weeks.


  1. I was under the lake band for a while, so did a quick analysis of the snow that fell from it. It appears heavily rimed, with a somewhat grainy texture due to very small graupel mixed in. Looks like about a 10/1 ratio as far as water content. I had a total of close to 6" here in Taylorsville, I believe that about 3-4" is from the lake band.

  2. Just talked to a friend of mine in the Sandy area and it sounds like the same thing over there... a lot of tiny graupel interspersed with some snow layers. Maybe indicative of fairly shallow convective development, with a lot of liquid water but limited depth?

  3. Pretty interesting observations. Salt Lake City is a very fascinating weather watching area for lake effect systems. (LES)