Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Show Your Christmas Spirit

It's been some time since we had a significant storm.  The Alta Snowfall History pretty much shows a flatline since December 8th, other than a slight blip for the 1.5 angry inches we got yesterday.  

Source: Alta Ski Area

That snow was mainly at high elevations.  Lower elevations saw rain.  I miss winter storms.

The models suggest scant chances for precipitation until the 23rd, so basically nearly 2 weeks without a major storm.  For Alta, most of the downscaled NAEFS ensemble members are producing less than 0.75" of water and 7.5" of snow, but perhaps 25% of the members are more excited.  

Overall, the odds of us getting a minimal Goldilocks storm with 10" or more are fairly low.  I try to be religiously neutral for this blog, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  It could be that all that is needed is a bit more Christmas spirit.  If it worked for Santa in Elf, it can work for Wasatch skiers.  


  1. It appears the governor needs to ask Utahns to pray for snow again.

  2. I keep checking here hoping to see y'all reporting on something major coming in the near forecast, but no, we're all just as sad together