Saturday, March 31, 2018

Powder and Corn Season

Weather conditions are almost prime for being able to harvest corn and powder if you can work the north and south aspects.  Almost. 

On upper-elevation north aspects, the snow on north aspects is surviving it's just not very deep and there's wind damage aplenty.

Nevertheless, you can find creamy settled powder in some areas that skis surprisingly well.  Effort and perseverance can pay off.

Meanwhile, hop across the ridge to the south side and you can find corn.  The south face of Mt. Superior got a lot of attention today. 

We elected for other options, finding buttery conditions on our return to Alta.  Arguably, it needs a couple more cycles to truly corn up, but the skiing was just fine. 

Really, if the wind hadn't done damage and if we had a bit more snow in the last storm, today would have yielded pretty good conditions for a corn and powder harvest.  Although the bounty wasn't great today, the skiing was better than expected and, if we have learned anything this year, low expectations are the key to satisfying ski days. 

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