Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day!

Wow, was that a great night last night near campus.  Lightning, thunder, and the best rain we've had at my house in many weeks.  Really, it wasn't much of an event, but everything is relative.  Some of you had have storms in recent days, but I haven't seen that good of one at my place in some time.

Walking around this morning the air just seems so pleasant.  A one month temperature trace from the Salt Lake City airport shows why.  Although we've had a handful of days with morning temperature's as low as this mornings, the relative humidity is higher than we have seen in the past month.  The combination of lower temperatures and higher (but not too high) dewpoints after a good washout last night makes the air seem unusually fresh.

We certainly have more summer ahead, but I'm starting to notice a shortening day and a lower sun angle.  Change is coming slowly but surely!  The energy balance of the northern hemisphere is starting to change in our favor.  The seasons are changing, and not a moment too soon!

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  1. I noticed some nice looking convective clouds to the south already at mid-morning yesterday (10th) associated with a significant low-level (sub 700-mb) moisture surge from the south. This low level moisture underneath very dry air, plus upper-level cooling (steep lapse rate) brought us a decent dryline type situation. The lightning was fun to watch.