Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nasty Minimum Temperatures

Although many people focus on maximum temperatures, minimum temperatures also affect heat wave severity, especially for human or animal comfort for those who do not have some sort of air cooling capabilities.

With the wind stirring things up the past three nights, overnight temperatures have not dropped below 77ºF in three days at the Salt Lake City airport. 

Overnight minimum temperatures those three days were 81ºF, 77ºF, and 77ºF.  

Maximums those three days topped out at 99ºF, 98ºF, and 99ªF.  We are on pace for something around 91–101ºF today.  I hope we hit 100.  99 is such a waste of a temperature.  If we are to be saddled with Fahrenheit temperatures as a nation, go big or go home.


  1. According to the NWS, the 81F low is the all-time warmest daily minimum temperature for SLC.

    1. Thanks for that info. I thought that would be close, but didn't have time to confirm. If we do not drop below 77ºF tonight by midnight, I think it will be the first time of 3 consecutive days of 77 or higher.

  2. This was a case where the timing made the calendar day minimum warmer than either of the corresponding overnight minimums. Often it is the other way around. I know there have been overnight minimums above 80 at SLC before, but they were not maintained until midnight MST the next night so did not count as the official low.