Thursday, August 15, 2013

Run at the 100 Club

Forecast highs for today and tomorrow are 100ºF at the Salt Lake City International Airport.  If we can meet or exceed 100 both days, we will reach 21 days of 100 or more this summer, which would tie the all time record.  Let's hope it happens.  Little point in suffering without attaining some sort of prestige.

We are just about half way through August and remain well ahead of any previous year for the mean summertime temperature at the Salt Lake City Airport.


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  1. Weather's I read your post, I'm sitting here with the door open, in August, in Columbia, SC, as some 65 degree air and rain are going....we have topped 95 only 3 or 4 days this summer, 90 fewer than 30 days, and haven't hit the century mark at all, one of our coolest (and thankfully wettest) summers in a long time.