Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flirting with June Gloom

In the far Pacific Northwest they call it the June Gloom, the seemingly never ending extension of the rainy season into June.  Places like Portland and Seattle are typically heavenly (dry and mild) in July and August, but that gorgeous weather always seems to take forever to arrive.  Over the next week, I suspect that northwesterners will be pulling their hair out.  The GFS pretty much keeps them in an active storm track, resulting in frequent periods of rain and forecast accumulations approaching four inches in places.

Source: NCEP
Those are healthy accumulations when you consider that the GFS doesn't fully resolve the mountains and their influence on precipitation.  Unfortunately, Utah remains on the edge of the storm track, with no precipitation forecast.  We only flirt with the June gloom, which is too bad as a good soaker would be appreciated here.  Let's hope the storm track dips a bit further south than progged.


  1. It's starting to look rather likely that we'll have two Junes in a row without measurable precip at the airport.

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  3. I lived in Carnation, WA, and I distinctly remember a June without seeing the sun. The persistent gray sky was a large factor in moving back to Utah.