Monday, September 12, 2016

Maybe a Flake?

I don't want to get everyone too excited, but the latest GFS forecast has below zero 700-mb (10,000 ft) temperatures at 1800 UTC (1200 MDT) Wednesday.

I'm so desperate for material that I'll just mention this and, given the cold trough, the potential for perhaps seeing a flake or two in the highest elevation.

It's not much to go on, but it's something.

Plus, if my quick skim of the temperatures over the past few months is correct, Wednesday's high @KSLC, which right now looks to be around 70-72ºF, will be the lowest maximum temperature since May 25th, when we hit only 68ºF.  Wunderbar!

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  1. Has first hard frost of the late summer Friday night 9/9 in Huntsville on the valley floor. Temperatures were around 31-33F. Farmers in the area tell me that 9/15 is about average for the first frost. Many farmers are scrambling to get their last hay cutting done