Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Northern Utah's Christmas Miracle

After considerable negotiations, I've been able to convince Mother Nature to allow the Snow Miser to bring snow to Salt Lake City for Christmas.

Source: RankinBass
Snow Miser's magic is already apparent in the latest model forecasts (surely you've heard about them already).  Below is the latest NAM bringing the Christmas miracle front across northern Utah late on Christmas eve, just in time for Santa to have a very-late-night landing on snowy roofs across the valley.  Don't let your kids get up too early.

Oh, and there's a special treat for the skiers.  This is a real Utah storm that will bring a right-side-up snowfall for the entire Wasatch.  The Cottonwoods will probably come out on top as usual, especially in the later post-frontal storm stages, but even you poor, deprived souls on the Park City side should be happy with your gifts on Christmas Day.  No coal for you.  Santa has removed you from the Naughty List!

And I've arranged for Santa to give a special treat for the Nordic skiers out there.  Your environmentally sensitive ways and cardiovascular fitness have placed you right at the top of the nice list.  Santa is going to make sure this storm is cold enough to produce snow at Mountain Dell, Mill Creek Canyon, North Fork Park, and Soldier Hollow!

Now boys and girls, if you are really good, Santa has told me that he may provide some more cold snow later in the holiday week.  Don't screw this up by misbehaving.  No skiing above other skiers in the backcountry.  No putting in obscenely steep skin tracks.  No cutting in lift lines.  And, most importantly, no farting on the tram!


  1. Not promising anything with the ski tracks

  2. Your tram advice should be posted for all to see. Any advice on an internet weather education class for an amateur?
    PS- your book is a great read!

  3. As well as no peeing on the skin track!

  4. With snow in the valley, do you expect an inversion to set up after this Christmas storm?
    - Ingrid