Saturday, November 1, 2014

USAW Book Signing

The Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop (USAW) will be held today (Saturday) at the Southtowne Expo Center in Sandy.  You won't be skiing, so consider attending if you want to get your brain tuned up for the upcoming ski season.  Tickets are available at the door if you haven't purchased them already.

Wellers Book Works will be at the afternoon break and the social that follows hosting a signing for my book Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth.

These are the first copies to hit the stores as it is an advance run a week or two ahead of the general printing that will hit the stores in a week or two.  In fact, they just arrived and I haven't even seen the print version yet!  Pick one up and say hello.


  1. The punishment I get for pre-ordering on Amazon...

    1. I don't have a copy yet either! When you get yours, let's find a way for me to sign it and thank you for your patience.

    2. I also am waiting for Amazon. My SLC house is just a few blocks from your office and I'll be in residence by the middle of next month. I'd love to have my copy signed (when it finally comes)!

    3. Yes, you could drop by. I'll also post up some book signing opportunities as they approach. I will be doing one on the U campus on December 2nd at the Wallace Stegner Center. Info at

  2. I live in Columbia, SC, and it was bizarre- some cold upper air aloft caused some serious snow to fall about 5 miles west of the airport, where I work, over an area maybe 30 miles square. We had 3" of snow (for us this counts as serious snow :)) on the band practice field, but 5 miles down the road not a flake. One of the strangest storms we've ever had.