Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Like Park City in July

The weather in the Salt Lake Valley is incredible right now.  Yesterday's high and this morning's low were 85ºF and 56ºF, respectively.  I even felt a little chill when I went out on my morning run.  In addition, here's the National Weather Service forecast through the weekend:

It doesn't get much nicer than that.  In fact, what Salt Lake City is experiencing right now, including the green, wildflower covered foothills, is pretty much Park City's summer.  In Park City, the average high in July is 84ºF.  The lows there tend to be a little cooler (48ºF in July), but I'll take the mid 50s as forecast the next few days.

So, enjoy the Salt Lake Valley in the coming days as eventually you'll need to escape to Park City to experience weather like this.

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