Friday, June 2, 2023

Blog Break

I'm taking a break so blogging will be light for a while.  For what it's worth, I leave you with seasonal outlook for summer from the Climate Prediction Center.

Yeah, the seasonal forecasts for winter were colossal failures, but loaded dice for above average summer temperatures has been a pretty good bet for our in recent years, especially in Salt Lake City.  In Salt Lake City, the last summer with an average temperature below the 20th century average was 1998.  

And the last summer that wasn't at least 4˚F above that average was 2014.  


  1. I keep thinking/hoping these seasonal outlooks will get better, they are still only slightly better than flipping a coin. Enjoy your break!

  2. Of course the day after your blogbreak starts, the best supercell in years moves over Salt Lake City...

    1. Apparently some storm spotters saw a funnel cloud. Has that been confirmed?