Saturday, December 27, 2014

Twas The Day After Christmas....

This post has been updated to reflect the fact that 1917, not 1916 as originally written, was the warmest December on record. - JS

Here's a meteorological oddity for you.  The day after Christmas was the first this month with a below average minimum temperature at the Salt Lake City airport.  It was also the first day this month with a below average maximum temperature.

So far this month we've been on pace for back-to-back Novembers rather than a November and a December.  Indeed, the average temperature for December so far (40.7ºF) is pretty close to the long-term (30-year) average for November (40ºF).  Incredibly, December 1916 1917 was even warmer, with a month-long average of 41.9ºF.

1916 1917 will be able to sleep well knowing its record is safe.  The next few days will feel very much like December and will pull the average for the this December down considerably.

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  1. I'm watching it snow right now with flakes as big as corn flakes. It's a delight, even though I'm stuck here working on grades. When the wind is still and the flakes wander about aimlessly, occasionally a few drift too close to the building, and then they take off upwards in the thermal near the window. Very cool!