Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do Something Already!

I can't decide if cirrostratus or fog is my least favorite cloud, but after three days of high overcast and flat light, I'm leaning toward the former.

Here's how things looked on Thanksgiving. 

And here's how things looked today.

Yup, cirrus monotony.  Come on Mother Nature, do something already!  Give us snow or give us sun!

An irony of thick cirrostratus is that it produces flat light and difficult skiing, but it also results in outstanding visibility.  In fact, the best visibility is usually on days with high overcast.  This is because cirrus clouds reflect some of the incident sunlight back to space, so there's less scattering of sunlight by atmospheric gases and aerosols at low levels.  Below is the view from the Avenues foothills yesterday.  One can easily see Mt. Nebo, roughly 100 km distant, on the horizon to the right of the central Wasatch.


  1. Dr Jim, Got the book! today. Looking forward to a pleasant read. Thanks

    1. Great news. Thanks for the patience. If the read proves to be pleasant, give me a good review!