Monday, January 21, 2013

Mank and Murk in Salt Lake County

Just to be an equal opportunity offender, here are a couple of photos shared by our readers of the mank and murk in Salt Lake County.  

Looking north from Suncrest area Sunday 20 Jan.  Courtesy David Yorty.
Similar view, Monday 21 Jan. Courtesy Jim Edman
And a great one here showing Mt. Timpanogos and the Utah Valley smog.

Looking south from Suncrest area Monday 21 Jan.  Courtesy Jim Edman.
As fascinating as all this is meteorologically, I'm looking forward to this episode being over.


  1. North Provo is remarkable this time around. The frozen Utah Lake is surely playing a huge role here in increasing stability. Today, Monday, is interesting though. Note how Ozone is markedly higher than any of the others days. The solar radiation monitor in SLC shows that today was similar to yesterday in terms of radiation reaching the ground. Was that true in North Provo as well? I dont know. So what caused the higher O3 down there? Makes me wonder if there wasnt some kind of added VOC, but that would seem very unusual. So again, I dont know, but Ozone can be involved in the formation of ammonium nitrate formation.

  2. Looking at that huge system off the coast of Mexico, and current forecast models, a related issue comes to mind: Could parts of Utah be set up for some icing in the 3-5 day time period? As far as I can tell, ice storms are almost entirely a low altitude phenomenon... they rarely seem to happen above about 4,000 feet MSL for whatever reasons. But who knows, this could turn out to be an interesting situation.