Monday, July 29, 2013

Down the Stretch They Come!

July is nearing an end and the only question at this point is how many records will fall at the Salt Lake City Airport.  Some are going down to the wire.

The record for the hottest combined June–July period (based on average temperature) looks likely to fall.  Despite the recent cooling (in terms of maximum temperatures), we are running about .75º ahead of the next closest year, 2007.

Our string of consecutive days with above average minimum temperatures also remains intact.  The last day with a below average minimum temperature was June 23, 35 days ago.  

Source: NWS
I don't know what the record is for consecutive days above average—someone will need to do some sleuthing—but I think this is an impressive run.  Forecast minimum temperatures for the next few days suggest we will make it until the end of July, but one rogue thunderstorm and it's over.  I see it as likely but not a lock that we make it until then.  

Going down to the wire is the record for the hottest July (based on average temperature).  We currently sit just 0.2ºF ahead of 2007.  

A day or series of days adding up to 6ºF below average would erase that lead.  Right now, it appears we will eke it out, but keep your fingers crossed.  I've already printed up hundreds of T-shirts in anticipation of a record...


  1. I think June 27-July 26 is the hottest or tied for the hottest 30-day period on record as well.

    1. Good. I'll still be able to sell my T-shirts :-).

  2. Just don't wear that T-shirt in Phoenix or anything.