Saturday, September 1, 2012

Strong Storms Coming

Looking west from the Avenues ~640 PM MDT
It's looking awfully dark to the southwest where there are currently some serious storms that have their sights set on the Salt Lake Valley and Utah County.  

The National Weather Service presently has a severe thunderstorm warning issued for portions of Tooele County, and I suspect that they may issue one soon for portions of the Salt Lake Valley and Utah county.

The strong cell moving through the Rush Valley in the south of this loop is likely severe.  It is moving rightward relative to the other cell tracks and even shows a bit of a hook-type structure.  Radar reflectivities are very high, above 70 dBZ at the end of this loop (white color shading).  It is certainly producing large hail and strong winds.  I won't be surprised if someone spots a funnel cloud or tornado with this system.


  1. The storm relative velocity revealed some weak rotation associated with that storm. Not bad for my first real storm in Utah!

    1. In these parts, that qualifies as "strong" rotation :-). It would have been fun to be "chasing" that storm.

      More storms firing to the southwest. The more rain the better.

  2. There were a lot of severe looking storms in the region today, some with hook echoes. One supercell in southern Idaho tracked from near Twin Falls to almost Pocatello, and the NWS had a tornado warning on it for quite a while. I believe that a tornado was confirmed. There were echoes up to 70 dbz at times in some of the storms in UT, ID and NV. This looked like the classic late summer scenario of an upper level trough coupled with a dry line, moving into monsoon moisture.