Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What a Waste

There are two temperatures that most meteorologists, at least those of us who still deal with English units for surface temperature, consider to be a total and complete waste: 0ºF and 99ºF.

Yesterday's high at the Salt Lake City airport was 99ºF.  What a waste!  For it to be that hot and uncomfortable without reaching 100ºF is seriously disappointing.  I think 99ºF is the worst temperature, but only by a hair over....

0ºF.  For it to be that cold without getting into negative numbers is also a waste.  If it's going to be cold, let's get some psyche points!

Of course, all of this would be remedied if we just switched to Celsius.


  1. To paraphrase Dylan, you don't need a thermometer to know it's too hot out. ;)

  2. Hi Jim! It was 116F here in Phoenix yesterday afternoon and with just enough humidity to make it feel like you were going to melt in the sun. At least we can claim a record high for our troubles! Some monsoon storms formed over the mountains and fell apart resulting in a haboob just before sunset. New storms tried to develop over the valley; but, just too dry so we ended up with a lot of dust, wind, and some teaser lightning strikes.

  3. Love this post. We have a friendly office bet on total 100º days this summer. If I could just count the 99º days I'd probably be cruising to victory. Arghh!