Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tantalizingly Close

It is that time of year to start looking to the west and northwest for our first blast of cooler Pacific air in weeks (er, months this year).  The latest GFS forecast puts us tantalizingly close to cooler air, with a trough on our doorstep in a few days.

Yeah, it's a weak trough and fading fast as it comes in, but the GFS has a shallow layer of slightly cooler air slide into northern Utah on Thursday.

GFS 850-mb temperature and wind forecast valid 30 Aug 2012
That's not much to get excited about, especially since it will probably be accompanied by Idaho smoke, but think good thoughts.  Markedly colder air is just to the north!  I'm not optimistic it will get here based on the latest model runs, but what do we have to lose?

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  1. The ac has been running hard all summer. A blast of cool air would be great. My prediction for the first snow at Alta? .....Sept 30.