Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Warm Morning

A warm airmass with just enough monsoon moisture to keep a few clouds around overnight led to a warm night last night.  As of 6 am, the minimum temperature was 78F, although we may have dipped to 77F shortly thereafter (the NWS reports max/min temperatures every 6 hours, so we're waiting for the final numbers).

That will probably make this morning's minimum temperature the highest this month.

It's always tough when you start counting on some cooler weather in late August, but Mother Nature thinks otherwise.  Climatology is 88/61, so a minimum of 77 is quite warm.


  1. I see that the surface temperature was 82F for the 12Z sounding.

  2. Very comfy.

    That higher temp might reflect timing, or the fact that the sounding is not taken from the same location as the ASOS.