Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Pow

A remarkable 24" storm total has been reported as of 7 am this morning in upper Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

As an example of the challenges of measuring snow and snow density, the snow water equivalent in Big Cottonwood was 2.62", whereas it was 1.97" in Little Cottonwood, despite the fact that the site in Big Cottonwood is at a higher altitude.

Measurement challenges aside, this is a big May dump.  I especially like that Snowbird has given up on digging out their snowcam, although I miss being able to use it to assess snow rates.

Source: Snowbird.


  1. Tues afternoon was unreal. Heading up soon again today. Bird should be deepter tomorrow. Alta collins is gonna hit 200.. again. How many records are going down here? Alta must be closing in on 800! Viva la nina!!!

  2. Ah, you are killing me!

    I wonder what the record is at Alta. I've seen several numbers quoted online, and these might reflect differing periods of record. The Utah Weather and Climate book by Pope and Brough says it is 808.5" for 83-84.

  3. Rough guesstimate in my head is 775-80 right now. I've never seen a ne flow dump like it is this morning, usually only hitting the wasatch back. What's different today?

  4. Unfortunately, the ski area stopped collecting daily snow data at the end of April. Our sole source now is the coop site (probably collected by UDOT) on the lower mountain. I just did a post on all the issues with regards to these comparisons.

    Indeed, the last 24-36 hours has been quite remarkable. Lots of easterly flow, but not much in the way of orographic forcing. I thought about doing a post on this, but can't think of a way to summarize it succinctly. Maybe later.

    I'm also sick of talking about this weather!