Saturday, December 9, 2017

Scenes from the Inversion

Classic inversion conditions are now apparent over northern Utah.  Here are a few photos.

First, the view of the valley smoke that befuddled me, and is discussed in the previous post.  It sure looked like clouds this morning, but as soon as I descended down into it, I smelled campfire and knew I was in error.  Turns out it was smoke from a major arson fire near 500 South and 200 East. 

In contrast to the cesspool in Salt Lake, morning at Alta was splendid and whiter than expected.

A bit later.  A good example that no matter where you are in the Salt Lake Valley today, you're only a few hundred meters (vertically) from clean, pristine air. 

Valley cold pools can be found just about everywhere over northern Utah right now.  If there's emissions, there's pollution.  The smog below is in the Heber Valley. 

Just about anyone who has skied in Little Cottonwood knows this view.  Unfortunately, it is common in the wintertime.

And, this afternoon back in the Avenues.  Ick. 

On the positive side, air quality remains in the moderate category so far. 
Source: DAQ
On the negative side, we have at least 5 days left of this, and air quality is going to worsen.


  1. There has to be a silver lining. Weber Pathways (trail building non-profit in Weber Cty) has a culvert we want to install on SR 158, the road to PowMow at Eden intersection. This needs to done in winter, when the canal is dry, and will cause a significant detour due to a Big Momma crane lift.
    The resort is not likely to open this week, so we were able to schedule for next Friday 12/15/17 8:30 to 10:30 am, when traffic will hopefully be minimal.
    Just sayin' ....there can be a tiny upside to this...for just a few folks.

  2. I suspect we will get fog or low stratus in the larger Salt Lake Basin at some point. The dew point has been rising just a little each day, and I kind of think that tonight (Sunday night) we might possibly see it start. Have been liking the sun so far even though it is smoggy, so hopefully I am wrong.

  3. So glad there's progress on the pathway to wolfcreek. Looking forward to my first fatbike coffee run.