Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beautiful July Weather

Aided by a weak mid-latitude trough sitting along the coast of northern California, our first major monsoon surge of the season has finally brought relief to northern Utah this morning.

It's worth taking a look at a 1-month meteogram for the Salt Lake City International airport to put the weather this morning into perspective.  Currently, the temperature is 69ºF, the lowest temperature observed since July 2nd, bringing our record run of consecutive 70+ days to an end at 22.  Good riddance!

The dewpoint is currently 63ºF, and peaked at 65ºF around 2 am, which I suspect is the highest observed since at least last summer, although that needs to be confirmed.  While no good for swamp coolers, it's wonderful for the skin.

Through 8 AM, the airport has only picked up .03" of precipitation.  That's not much, but it's the most rain we've had on a calendar day since June 13.  Again, relief!  Other locations have surely had more.
Enjoy this weather while it lasts.  Today will probably be the coolest day of July.  We'll see a chance of thunderstorms for the next few days, but by the weekend, the high 90s look to be back.

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  1. The SPC actually has parts of Northern UT in a marginal risk for today, tomorrow, and Thursday, with tomorrow looking like the biggest threat.