Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Chance to Listen to an Icon

Dr. Lonnie Thompson receiving the Medal of Science from President George W. Bush
I have lots of ideas for blog topics today, but I'm tabling them as I would like to alert everyone to an opportunity to hear from a pioneering research scientist.

At 6 PM on Thursday March 26th, Dr. Lonnie Thompson, Distinguished University Professor, School of Earth Sciences at The Ohio State University and Senior Research Scientist, Byrd Polar Research Center, will give a University of Utah Frontiers of Science lecture entitled "Global Climate Change, ENSO, and Black Swans: A Paleoclimate Perspective from the World's Highest Mountains" in 220 Aline Skaggs Wilmot Building (ASB).  More detailed information available here.

This will certainly be a great talk for Wasatch Weather Weenies, lovers of mountains, and those passionate snow and ice.  Lonnie's research involves ice-core paleoclimate studies from tropical and subtropical glaciers and ice fields in the Andes, Himalaya, and Mt. Kilimanjaro to high-latitude ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica.  He has documented the climate history of these regions and the remarkable change that has occurred in recent decades.  More details can be found at his Ice Core Paleoclimatology Research Group Web Page.

Huascaran, Peru Expedition, 1993.  Photo Lonnie Thompson.
 Arrive early.  This is likely to be a well attended talk.

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  1. Is Lonnie Thompson a anthropogenic global warming alarmist? All rational people know that climate change is real, hopefully Lonnie Thompson is not on the sinking ship that still thinks CO2 is the cause of climate change and has something else to offer as the possible cause.