Monday, August 25, 2014

Freshman Orientation

Today is the first day of Fall Semester at the University of Utah.  Welcome to all the students, new and continuing.  Even those on double secret probation (you know who you are).

If you are new to Utah, consider yourself fortunate.  We have had a remarkably cool and wet August, especially over the past several days.  Average high temperatures for the month so far are 3.3ºF below average, and we've had 1.57" of rain at the Salt Lake City Airport compared with an average of 0.69".  It's been especially cool the past several days when many of you have arrived, moved into your dorms or apartments, and told the parents adios.  Over the past two days, we haven't even hit 80ºF!

Source: NWS
If you are coming from out of state, this weather is isn't normal.  The average high for today is 88ºF, with a record of 100ºF.  When you look for a new place for the next academic year, don't just find good roommates, find an air conditioned unit too.

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