Sunday, September 15, 2013

It Continues

Our hearts go out to everyone suffering in the flooding along Colorado's Front Range.  Mother Nature is showing no mercy, with heavy rain returning today.  Although accumulations aren't expected to be as outrageous as a couple of days ago, they will add further insult to injury.
Source: NCAR/RAL
Now added to the list of mind boggling observations from this storm is how the North Fork of the Big Thompson River at Drake has remained near or above record flood stage now for more than 60 hours.

Assuming the gauge is still functioning correctly, it appears there will be no quick retreat of the flood waters along the Front Range.  Videos of the flood damage are disheartening.  You can find them all over the web, but a large collection is available at The Lede.

A couple of perspectives on the flooding that might interest you include the following:

Both of these have a bit of a Boulder focus.  I suspect as bad as things are there, they are much worse to the north.   


  1. That's what happens when you build on a flood plain.

  2. It looks like the most extreme record shattering on the AHPS map from this storm was at the "South Platte near Kersey" station which peaked 7ft above its' previous record. Considering the consistency that station has maintained that is similar to the Big Thompson, I would believe the Big Thompson gauge is functioning correctly.