Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beat That Team Down South!

It looks windy and warm (by evening standards) for tonight's game, which will surely run to midnight (pictured below, note the very strong flow).

Games in recent years have frequently been decided by field goals.  Planning to have that wind at your back in the fourth quarter could prove prescient.  Hopefully Coach Whittingham is either aware or has a good plan to ensure we have a comfortable lead by then.  Given the porous nature of the Ute defense so far this year, I'm not thinking the latter is likely.

Finally, regardless of who wins, it is always worth remembering the top-10 reasons why Utah is better than BYU:

10. We have the Great Salt Lake effect, they have the Utah Lake effect
9. We chase tornadoes, they chase honor-code violators
8. We have Alta-Snowbird, they have Sundance
7. The Cottonwoods get blower pow in northwesterly flow, Timpanogos gets nothing
6. The Utah ski team has 10 NCAA championships and more than 60 individual national champions,  BYU races division II.
5. We can ski on Sundays
4. We have, they have, well, nothing anywhere near as cool as
3. We are the best university for skiers and snowboarders, they are the most stone-cold sober school
2. Our air quality sucks, but sometimes theirs is worse
1. We have an atmospheric sciences program, they don't


  1. AND:

    you have a fan from Texas who bought a winter vacation house near UofU just to have easy access to snow boarding in Cottonwood Canyons as well as to the Park City area in about the same drive time. A big bonus is that there is a really neat blog entitled "Wasatch Weather Weenies that gives special attention to those areas! That other school down south doesn't.

    He's a graduate of Indiana U ('65 AB with honors) and Harvard ('68 Llb cum laude) -- both of which wear red and white!!

    Tommy T.

  2. The 10 points have me convinced. :) Go Utes!