Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Timp Snowfield Status

A few of our readers sent me photos of the Timp snowfield.  The first, from Carolyn Stwertka, was taken on July 29th and shows some skiers giving their skis a good stone grind.

There are easier ways to add texture to your bases!

The second was taken on Sunday by Beth Blattenberger and shows a few snow patches remain.

The long range forecasts call for ridging and warm weather to return.  In other words, there's more melt to come.  Can the Timp Snowfield hold on?


  1. I've heard there's plenty blue glacier ice under the rockfield up there and that every now and then a crevasse opens up! So perhaps there's just a bit of glacial activity still going on even if the thing is 99% dead.

    Love the blog.

  2. Same thing going on in Colorado. Mt. Sopris (12,965) has a semi-permanent snow patch between it's twin peaks (usually several hundred feet long, 50+ feet wide) that has apparently disappeared this year. (I need to double check that. Sometimes when it's small it's only visible from one area.) Anyway, I can't remember it disappearing in my 15 summers in the Valley.

  3. I don't know about Utah, but the snow level is forecasted to get down to around 12,500ft tomorrow night in Colorado. It'll be great to see pikes peak with a layer of snow on it!

  4. Bit more Timp "glacier" info:


    1. Yes, those are nice photos there. We've had some discussion on this topic too.


      Barring a dramatic increase in wintertime precipitation, the day of the Timp snowfield are numbered...

  5. It doesn't look that different now than it did during the 3rd week of August or so when I skied it. I was thinking that we'd lose the whole snowfield, but I bet it will hang on... when I was up there last September, the snow wasn't warming much at all, even when the sun was on it.

  6. Was up there today (9-23-12). Looks similar to the second picture still.