Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living Vicariously Through Others

It has been a hot summer in Utah, and brutally hot in other portions of the country.  A cold-frontal passage would be so refreshing.  Unfortunately, the best we can do for now is to live vicariously through others, namely those in eastern Montana and the northern high plains.  They've actually just had a bonafide cold-frontal passage.  Check it out.  Cool air in the contiguous United States!  What a concept.

And look at this.  Minimum temperatures this morning as low as 35ºF.

Wouldn't that feel good?  Imagine throwing open the windows and letting that airmass pour in.  Close your eyes and visualize!


  1. Coolest it's been here in Lincoln in what's seemed like forever. Feels great!

  2. Our temps here in Utah look about the same (in Celsius....)

  3. The cold front brought some nice temperatures for the front rage. :) The high was in the upper 60's where I'm at. It really does feel like fall!

  4. Would it require a genuine front of some sort to clear out our smoke in the Wasatch at this point? Or would a shift in wind direction do it? Just curious. This is starting to be a drag. (This is the first time I've come here since winter ended. As with this past winter, I seem to come to your blog for hope in a hopeless world . . .)

    1. Maybe if we got a bit of southerly flow. Stronger flow might help a bit too just to ventilate. But the problem is that there's a lot of smoke to the west, many fires, and a number of fires to the northwest in Idaho. Check out

  5. Of course it is way too soon to even mention this... but I like the look of the current models for the night of Tuesday, the 21st. We have the right potential ingredients to bring us some good storm activity. An incoming upper-level trough, coupled with some decent advection of lower to mid-level monsoon moisture as the winds (finally) turn southerly for a time. This looks to me like the type of situation which can generate strong to severe thunderstorms in this part of the country, and the month of August seems to be the most likely for this type of situation. Really hope it pans out.