Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Riddance To July

July is over and we can all be thankful for that.  It is my least favorite month even in a year where temperatures are near average, but this year was even worse.  It disappointed even further yesterday when thunderstorms popped up in the area, but left Salt Lake high and dry.

The last radar image of July 2012.  A few thunderstorms
around, but none over the Salt Lake Valley.
At the Salt Lake airport, the average high and low temperatures were 94.9ºF and 69.5ºF, respectively, which are 4.8ºF and 2.2ºF above the 1971–2000 averages.  We also saw 7 days with a maximum temperature of 100º or higher, including 103ºF on July 11 and 12.

The graph below from the National Weather Service summarizes July nicely.  In my view, the minimum temperatures are the big story.  A quick glance suggests only four days with a minimum temperature at or below the average.  That makes for uncomfortable weather.  Little wonder why my desire to sit out on the porch in the evening has been a bit lower this year.

Source: NWS
There were a couple of monsoon surges that knocked the maximum temperature down.  We can be grateful for that.

With July in the books, we can look forward to the Greatest Snow on Earth.  Soon we'll notice the sun setting earlier and cooler conditions in the evenings.  Based on past experience, there's probably about a 30% chance that those willing to hike will find some freshies within 3 months (i.e., by the end of October).  Hopefully my back will be ready to go by then.

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  1. At least you weren't in the plains this past July! This is making me search for jobs a little more fervently than usual back west.