Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Shifting Heat Wave

Some changes are forecast in the upper-level pattern that should bring some relief to portions of the eastern US, but bring higher temperatures to Utah.

For the past few days, an upper-level ridge has been anchored over central North America, as illustrated below by the dynamic tropopause (jet-stream level) analysis for 1200 UTC (0600 MDT) 6 July analysis below.

That ridge, however, is progressing eastward and weakening, while a new ridge will develop over the western US.  This new ridge will be centered over Utah by Wednesday afternoon.

At that time, 700-mb temperatures are forecast to be near 20ºC, about as high as they get in northern Utah.  

Thus, we will likely see a return to triple-digit temperatures at the Salt Lake City Airport by Wednesday.  I'm sure you missed them...


  1. As High as they get? Does this mean 107 is in the reach?

    1. When we hit 107 on 13 Jul 2002, the 700 mb temperature was 20.2ºC. Right now, the forecasts aren't quite that warm, but we'll have to see how things come together over the next couple of days.

  2. Looks like we will beat the average 0f 5 days @ 100+ this year with room to spare